Celebrate Pi Day, SEAQiM Support SAN (SEAQiM Alumni Network) to Conduct a Webinar

On Tuesday, 14 March 2023, a virtual webinar was held to celebrate Pi Day, the annual world day honouring the mathematical constant Pi (π). The webinar, titled “Webinar Hari Pi sebagai Inspirasi Peningkatan Mutu Pendidikan Matematika yang Berkelanjutan”, was organized by SEAQiM Alumni Network (SAN), a group of SEAQiM regular course alumni from Indonesia and supported by SEAQiM.

The webinar featured a series of talks, presentations, and discussions that aimed to showcase the significance of pi in various fields, including mathematics. The webinar started with an opening remark from the Head of SAN, Ms Laksmi Indrawati from SMPN 1 Sleman Yogyakarta. She thanked the organizing committee so the webinar could be held today. After opening by director of SEAQiM officially, Dr. Sumardyono continued the webinar as the first keynote address. During this opportunity, he discussed the latest facts and research on Pi and its applications in number theory, geometry, and analysis. Besides, he attracted the audience with a simple and practical game about Pi. Meanwhile, Dr Abdussakir, M.Pd., Head of Study Program of Mathematics FITK UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, discussed the history and significance of Pi and its role in modern mathematics. He highlighted the Pi webinar to mathematicians are pattern seekers, so don’t be easily satisfied with achievement, and remember history because it is full of wisdom. The keynote session has been moderated by Mr Arifin, Head of SMPN 1 Ampelgading Malang, one of SEAQiM’s regular course alumni. After the presentations, some participants have involved on Q&A Session actively.

In the last webinar session, Ms Erni Ayda, master of ceremony, led the participants to join the quiz and giveaway through Quizizz, where participants could test their knowledge of Pi and compete for prizes.

The webinar was a huge success, with around ninety (90) joined participants from around Indonesia celebrating Pi’s beauty and mystery. SEAQiM hopes that the event will inspire more educators to appreciate the importance of Pi and its applications in various fields of study.


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