A Visit by a Hong Kong University Professor

On Thursday the 22nd of January 2015, SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics and PPPPTK in Mathematics was honored to have Prof. Fredrick Leung to discus a topic on  “Methodological Issues in Comparative Studies of mathematuics Achievement Using TIMSS as an Example”. More than 30 participants’ inlcuding the Head of PPPPTK Mathematics, the Director of QITEP in Maths actively participated in this valuable event. Deputy Director of Adiministration, Specialist from QITEP in Maths and Widiya Iswara (Mathematics Instructors) from PPPTK Mathematics took part in this discussion as well.  The welcoming speech from SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics Director, Prof. Subanar starts the activity.

During his presentation Prof. Leung describes how Hong Kong did comparative studies of mathematics through TIMSS as an example. The presentation shows that comparing data is not as simple as it looks. Prof. Leung presented how TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) compared their data to be concluded as a valid data. He describes that there are 5 questions to cover:

  1. What are we comparing?
  2. How do we compare?
  3. How do we design the measuring instruments?
  4. How do we analyze the data?

The discussion which lasting for two hours  was ended with token presentation and photo session. We hoped that this activity would be beneficial for further collaboration between SEAMEO QITEP in Maths, PPPPTK Mathematics and Hong Kong University.

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