Cooperative Learning Model of GAG (Geometry Augmented Games) for 6th Grade Elementary School Students

Alumnus                     : Fita Sukiyani (Ms.)

Course Attended         : Teacher-made Teaching Aids for Primary School Teachers 2016

SEAQiM’s motto “learning mathematics joyfully and meaningfully” is such a powerful word that always inspires Ms. Fita Sukiyani even before she attended the SEAQiM’s course. She created joyful and meaningful learning by using project based learning model which she finally presented in Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) at Budapest in 2015. The tittle of her project was Joyful Mathematics Project Based Learning with Batik Geometry for First Grade Elementary School.

In 2016, Ms. Fita passed the selection to participate in SEAQiM’s course Teacher-made Teaching Aids (TMTA) for Primary School Teachers.  “Each part of the TMTA course at SEAQiM was my favourite” stated Ms. Fita Sukiyani. She loved when the participants had an opportunity to learn from mistakes that made them never stop trying to find solutions. Besides, she also cherished the facilitators’ skills in encouraging the participants to create a joyful and meaningful mathematics class environment.

During the TMTA course, Ms. Fita developed her faith that every math problem had more than one solution that encourages her to create joyful and meaningful mathematics class environment by using various media. Before joining the course, being 6th graders’ teacher is a burden for her, because the stigma of national final exam (in Indonesia, each 6th grade students must pass the national final exam before enrolling in junior high school) often haunted her. She thought that she had to finish all subjects before the exam, so the students could be well-prepared with all the possible questions. It madeherforget how to be good teacher. Thus, she Returning from SEAQiM Course, she could see so many different point of views. “SEAQiM’s course helped me to create meaningful mathematics learning using authentic media that is easily found in my surrounding” Ms. Fita said. It has inspired her again to do the next project called GAG (Geometry Augmented Games) in her classroom. She did not only implement the GAG in her classroom but also in the 4th ISMEI (International Symposium in Mathematics Education and Innovation).

Based on her experiences in SEAQiM, Ms. Fita encourage all of the math teachers out there and emphasizes “Every teacher deserve to be the best, DO NOT EVER MISS THIS COURSE”.

At the end she hopes that SEAQiM would create more course program for elementary school teachers.

SEAQiM is proud to have Ms. Fita as an one of its inspiring alumni and we hope all the knowledge she has can help to bring bright future to her students in facing 21st century.

Click here to find out more about her presentation on the 4th ISMEI.


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