Seamej Vol 3 2013


This is the third edition of the South East Asian Mathematics Education Journal (SEAMEJ) which is an academic journal devoted to publishing a variety of research studies and theoretical papers in the field of mathematics education. SEAMEJ seeks to stimulate discussion at all levels of the mathematics education community. SEAMEJ aims to eventually publish an edition twice a year, in June and December.

SEAMEJ is supported by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO), Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel (QITEP) in Mathematics situated in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Launched on July 13, 2009, there are now three QITEP SEAMEO Centres for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Indonesia. One centre is in Mathematics (Yogyakarta), one in Science (Bandung) and one in Languages (English – Jakarta).

The first edition was produced using revised papers from the first International Symposium of QITEP Mathematics in November 2011, where a number of paper presenters were approached to submit their reworked papers to this journal. In this issue we are proud to state, are papers that have been submitted by researchers from a number of countries. We hope that trend this will continue and swell as the journal becomes widely read and enable us to meet our aim of two editions in one year.

The second issue reflected the variety and richness of the Asian region with papers covering a wide range of issues and perspectives such as mathematics teaching in Shanghai China; a longitudinal study of Australian transition years and school student engagement; a further elaboration of bibliotherapy with a framework for use with pre-service teachers; a report on a professional learning workshop using a computer adaptive assessment program; and, the implications that brain research has for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

In this issue we present papers that were subjected to a blind review process by the International Review Panel and we are thankful to the panel for their continued support. While these papers come from a variety of countries and cover different aspects of teaching and learning, there seems to be a common theme of joyful and meaningful learning which is highlighted in the first two papers from Indonesian researchers.

As we are still refining our processes, we wish to apologise if we have made errors or omissions. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement, but most of all, we welcome paper contributions.

The Journal seeks articles highlighting empirical as well as theoretical research studies, particularly those that have a perspective wider than local or national interests. All contributions to SEAMEJ will be peer reviewed and we are indebted to those on the International Advisory Panel for their support.

Allan L White

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