UNNES Taught Plastic Waste Management to Kampung STEM Joho

Yogyakarta – On August 7, the community service team of Semarang State University (UNNES) conducted a one-day workshop on plastic waste management. The event took place at the hall of Joho village, Yogyakarta and was participated by women community of Kampung STEM Joho.

Kampung STEM Joho is a community-based project initiated by SEAQiM in 2018 which aims to introduce the people of Kampung Joho to the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in daily life activities. 

In this one-day workshop, Dr. Trisnani Widowati from the Faculty of Technique of UNNES, who is also the community service team leader, gave an interesting presentation particularly on re-using plastic bottles to make handicraft, such as candle holders and lanterns. The participants put into practice what was exemplified by her while keeping the mass gathering procedure at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Trisnani Widowati mentioned that the handicraft made from used plastic bottles can be used for decorating around the house. Moreover, they could be sold to help strengthening the family economy. 

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