The 14th SEAQiM Governing Board Meeting (GBM) in Makassar, Indonesia, concludes with a Strong Commitment to Advancing Mathematics Education in Southeast Asia

The 14th Governing Board Meeting (GBM) of SEAQiM convened in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, from 18 – 22 September, 2023. This annual gathering brought together prominent representatives and delegates from SEAMEO Member Countries to engage in in-depth discussions and deliberations regarding the centre’s activities and initiatives.

The Centre is delighted to receive the distinguished Governing Board Members nominated by the Ministry of Education in their respective countries. They are Dr. Hun Kanal, Governing Board (GB) from Cambodia, Mr. Jabang Tetuka, representative of GB member from Indonesia, Dr. Mario M Bermudez, GB member from the Philippines, Assoc. Prof. Thiradet Jarasaksuksen, GB member from Thailand, Assoc Prof. Dr. Lee Con Trinh, GB member from Vietnam, Mr. John Arnold Siena, the representative from SEAMEO Secretariat and the Delegates from Professional Development Center for Educators in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (BBGP DIY).

In addition, the opening ceremony was further enriched by the presence of several eminent dignitaries and officials, including Dr. Adi Wijaya, Head of BBGP-DIY and Dr. Rachmadi Widdiharto, the Director-General for Teacher and Education Personnel for Primary Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (MoECRT) of Republic Indonesia. During the opening ceremony, Dr. Rachmadi strongly supported SEAQiM, emphasising MoECRT and SEAQiM’s collaborative efforts.

Following this, the meeting progressed to the election of new leadership. Dr Tan Lian Soon was duly elected as the new chairperson, Dr Mario Burnadez assumed the role of vice-chairperson, and Assoc Prof. Dr. Thiradet Jiarasuksakun was appointed as the chief rapporteur. The agenda then shifted to the presentation of SEAQiM’s working papers by the Board of Directors (BoD) of SEAQiM. These working papers covered various aspects, including updated information about the centre, annual reports, progress updates on research studies, financial reports, proposed programs, and collaborations. In giving the opening address, Mr. John Arnold Sienna, SEAMES DDPD, expressed his delight at attending the 14th GBM alongside other participants. He conveyed greetings from the Director of SEAMES and commended SEAQiM for its ongoing programs. He emphasised GBM’s significance as a platform for centres to update the GB on past achievements and future programs. He lauded Dr. Rachmadi Widdiharto’s support and acknowledged the challenge of significantly contributing to numeracy improvement in Indonesia and across the region. He emphasised the need for SEAMEO to adapt to emerging challenges such as the pandemic, digital transformation, climate change, and globalisation.

The governing board engaged in focused discussions on these papers, offering invaluable input and feedback. These contributions aimed to enhance and refine the centre’s programs, with a collective commitment to advancing SEAQiM’s activities and initiatives. GB members diligently reviewed these papers thoroughly, emphasising their support for SEAQiM’s initiatives, particularly in bolstering MoECRT Indonesia’s Merdeka Belajar (emancipated learning) programme. Following the paper review, the meeting evaluated the proceedings meticulously prepared by the dedicated team.

In the closing remarks, The SEAQiM Director expressed sincere gratitude for the participants’ engagement and underscored the meeting’s pivotal role in shaping the future of mathematics education in the region. He highlighted SEAQiM’s recent transition to the Directorate General of Teacher and Education Personnel in Indonesia, affirming its unwavering commitment to excellence. He thanked all attendees for their steadfast support and encouraged open-minded discussions, concluding with hopes for productive deliberations and collaborative actions.


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