Ten Selected Teachers Participate in the Workshop on STEM Teaching and Learning Models

Sleman – SEAQiM’s Director, Dr. Wahyudi, officially opened Workshop on STEM Teaching and Learning Models on Monday, November 26, at Conference Room, SEAQiM.

Workshop on teaching and learning model is one of the Centre’s annual programmes. Realizing the importance of introducing STEM to students, SEAQiM chose STEM as the topic of this year’s workshop. This programme aims at developing STEM-based activities which cover scientific investigation, simple machine, and energy.

A total of 80 mathematics teachers chose certain topics and were interviewed regarding their knowledge about STEM. After a week of selection process, SEAQiM’s academic team finally selected only ten teachers to participate in this highly competitive event. They consisted of four primary school teachers, five junior high school teachers, and one senior high/vocational school teacher from Yogyakarta and its surrounding, as well as Riau Island and West Java.

“I regularly visit SEAQiM’s web and I am very motivated to join in this workshop. I have to support my own transportation and accommodation for joining this event, but bismillah, as long as I can learn STEM more. I think this programme is worth our efforts and attention,” said Ms. Dewi Kinasih, a participant from SMK Negeri 3 Batam, Riau Island.

Workshop on STEM Teaching and Learning Models is conducted in two main phases. During the first phases, the participants are required to develop their STEM-based teaching and learning models. However, only three best teaching and learning models that will proceed to join in the next phase namely try out and finalization.

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