SEAQiM provides three hours sessions for learning technology

Yogyakarta- The mathematics education community has recognized the importance of technology in facilitating student to learn mathematics. However, many teachers still face challenges when dealing with technology in their mathematics classroom. Lack of knowledge about the technology and how to use it effectively to enhance students mathematical understanding are some examples of the challenges.

As an effort to address this issue, SEAQIM conducts an International webinar series with the theme “How to better harness the potential of technology in learning mathematics’. It is expected that the event could foster the exchange of ideas and strategies for the better integration of technology in a mathematics classroom.

Broadcast live via zoom and SEAQiM YouTube channel on June 3rd 2021, The International Webinar ran smoothly and was attended by participants from Southeast Asia and beyond.

With the theme How to Better Harness the Potential of Technology in Learning Mathematics, SEAQiM featuring the experts of Math and Technology as keynote speakers, including Mr Tim Brzezinski from Wallingford Public Schools, CT, USA; Prof Zsolt Lavicza from Johannes Kepler University Austria and Dr Alison Clark-Wilson from University College London, UK.

Each keynote speaker was given 40 minutes of presentation time and followed by a question-and-answer session. The session was guided by moderators, including Dr Nutthaporn Ruchikachorn from IPST, Thailand; Mr Imam Fitri Rahmadi from Pamulang University, Indonesia and Ms Faradillah Haryani from Sampoerna University, Indonesia.

This webinar, hosted by Ms Lely Dian Puspita, lasted for 3 hours and not only gained knowledge, but there were also e-certificates for the eligible participants and giveaways for lucky participants.

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