SEAQiM Finally Has Its First Visit from Japan After a Long Pandemic

Yogyakarta – Prof. Masami Isoda (Ph.D) , Director of the Centre for Research on International Cooperation in Education Development (CRICED), University of Tsukuba, Japan has visited SEAQiM on 23 – 26 May 2022. The purpose of his visit was to continue the project collaboration between CRICED and SEAQiM. The collaboration aims to support the curriculum and textbooks implementations of Indonesia and to develop teacher education online courses, especially for mathematics teaching and learning based on the textbooks.

Monday, 23 May 2022, at the first day of the agenda, Prof. Isoda and the Board of Directors of SEAQiM had the opportunity to visit the Head of Educational Standard Curriculum and Assessment Agency, Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research and Technology of Indonesia. The objective of the meeting is to foster further collaborations with various institutions under the Government of Indonesia for building stronger on transforming education into new normal.

The agenda is continued with visiting to SEAQiM to finalize the online course videos about Teachers Agency who Learned How to Grow Up Students Who Learned How to Think Mathematically (Higher Order Thinking in Math) which was delayed for two years due to the pandemic.  In the project, the video is about to develop mathematical thinking as higher order thinking skills was finalized: How do you teach it and why? Where the learning videos (27 videos) in the Indonesian version will be used for teachers in Indonesia to be able to provide knowledge about Pedagogical Content Knowledge when teachers will use Japanese Mathematics Textbooks in teaching and learning. In addition to finalizing the video, to support the content, discussions were held with the SEAQiM academic team and Board of Directors for the potential future programs.

“SEAQIM already developed Indonesian versions of 20+7 lessons and this year we are going to develop additional 16 classes. Those content will provide the complete support for primary teacher education”, Prof. Isoda said. SEAQiM is also contributed to English Edition Courses, which have been provided through SEAMEO Secretariat to SEAMEO School Network in 2021. The program is developed by eight countries contributing institutions. It means that it is internationally well-known program beyond various cultural differences. Now, Indonesian has adapted edition under the curriculum of Indonesia is developed by SEAQIM and CRICED. Besides, this opportunity is also can be used to seek other collaborations among SEAQiM, CRICED, and other institution in Indonesia to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.



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