SEAQiM Empowers Senior High School Mathematics Teachers to Embrace Technology in Mathematics Teaching and Learning through Course on Integrating ICT in Mathematics Education

Yogyakarta – In a revolutionized mathematics education, mathematics teachers are flocking to a cutting-edge focus on integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into mathematics instruction. Fulfilling the necessary skills and enhancing the teaching capabilities of mathematics teachers in Southeast Asia, a “Course on Integrating ICT in Mathematics Education for Senior High School Mathematics Teachers was conducted by SEAQiM virtually via Zoom and Google Classroom from 26 July to 8 August 2023. This course promises to set a new standard for mathematics teaching and equips teachers with the skills to prepare students for 21st-century challenges.

To make learning mathematics more engaging and effective learning for students, thirty-nine (39) senior high school mathematics teachers consisting of seven (7) participants from SEAMEO member countries, including Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and thirty-two (32) participants across Indonesia gather to experience and delve into various aspects of using ICT tools, software, and applications to transform mathematics classes into dynamic and interactive learning environments.

The course, which spans two weeks, features comprehensive learning materials developed by SEAQiM and experts in mathematics education and technology integration. Participants are invited to explore Current Issues in Mathematics Education, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, How to Teach and Learn Space and Geometry; Statistics and Probability; Simple Programming and Coding in Math Classrooms with GeoGebra, How to Teach and Learn Algebra, Relation, Functions with Desmos, Game for Mathematics Teaching, Designing Learning Media and Assessment in Mathematics Learning Using ICT, and enrich with Hypothetical Learning Trajectory and Computational Thinking.

Participants have discovered collaborative tools that facilitate group projects, virtual discussions, and shared problem-solving experiences facilitated by the experts: Mr Tim Brzezinksi from Southington Public Schools Connecticut (USA) and Dr Jonaki B. Ghosh from Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi (India), and Mr Wahid Yunianto from Johannes Keppler University, Austria. An excellent session about How to Teach and Learn Space and Geometry was provided by Mr Tim Brzezinski, utilizing GeoGebra to support the mathematics classroom. Participants were invited to create and design digital assessments through GeoGebra, resulting in an engagement discussion in discovering the wonders of GeoGebra. Meanwhile, Dr Jonaki Ghosh trained the participants How to Learn Statistics and Probability with Microsoft Excel. They explore more with Excel to visualize and understand complex mathematical statistics and probability assignments like never before. Participants tried to design and develop mathematical tasks through Excel. Mr Wahid Yunianto utilized GeoGebra as a suitable application to learn about Computational Thinking. As well as SEAQiM academic team is always ready to guide the participants through each session along with the course run.

Upon completing the course, each participant will gain a certificate of completion, validating their newfound teaching skills in integrating ICT into mathematics education and boosting their professional credentials and career prospects. Before, they will face real teaching session to implement their experience during the course in the real mathematics classroom. The selected four (4) groups, based on their lesson plans, will be model teachers to teach mathematics in the actual classroom with real students that will be held on 8 August 2023, hybrid at SMA N 1 Pakem. Afterwards, the three (3) best participants based on the academic evaluation also will be announced at the closing ceremony.


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