SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics Conducts 2016’s First Regular Course on Differentiated Instruction

Yogyakarta – On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, at the Hall of PPPPTK Matematika, Prof. Subanar officially opened this year’s first regular course entitled Course on Differentiated Instruction for Senior High School Mathematics Teachers. The course opening ceremony was not only attended by staff and management of the Centre but also the Head of PPPPTK Matematika, Dr. Daswatia Astuti, and Prof. Allan L White from the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

In his opening remark, Prof. Subanar tried to introduce Proffesor Allan L White to the participants through his ideas on teachers. He stated “In Indonesia, people are familiar with the term Guru adalah Pahlawan tanpa Tanda Jasa or Teachers are Unsung Heroes. This proverb means that teachers are heroes who are not praised for their hard work. But, Prof. Allan White has something unusual about it; he has a strong belief that teachers are more than just heroes. Teachers are Superheroes.” Prof. Subanar also left a very interesting message that learning to differentiate instruction is a process. But, if the teachers truly want to succeed, they should take it in small steps and constantly revise what does not works.

This two-week course is participated by 30 senior high school mathematics teachers from six SEAMEO Member Countries namely Timor Leste, Malaysia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

During the course, the participants will be guided to learn differentiated instruction by the facilitators who come from some Indonesian reputable universities, namely ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology), UI (University of Indonesia), and UNY (State University of Yogyakarta). After completing the course, they are expected to be able to explore the idea of differentiation in education and share several easily implemented methods, and finally are able to improve the quality of instruction by tailoring it to target a student’s specific needs.

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