SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics’ Collaboration Results in In-country Training at Aceh Jaya District

Aceh Jaya – SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics in collaboration with Education, Youth, and Sport Office, Aceh Jaya District holds in-country training focused on IT-based mathematics learning for junior and senior high school mathematics teachers in Aceh Jaya District. The training was one the follow up action of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions that had been initiated before. The in-country training was started at 23 May 2016. It was officially opened by the Head of Aceh Jaya District, Mr. Azhar Abdurrahman.

Considering the separation, the Centre sent two team for each, and four facilitators to facilitate both levels. For the senior secondary level, the venue was at SMAN 1 Calang, while SMPN 1 Calang became the place for the junior secondary level. Since the location of the two schools is quite near, Mr. Fadjar Shadiq, Mr. Joel Hohn, Mr. Sahid, Ms. Fina Hanifa Hidayati found facilitating both levels easily. Moreover, the committee from the Education, Youth, and Sport Office, Aceh Jaya District was all very helpful and cooperative.

During the training, the participants were guided to learn IT-based mathematics learning such as the use of virtual manipulative and GeoGebra. After completing the programme, they were expected to be able to develop simple software based on teacher’s needs. That was why the participants were requested to write an action plan at the last days of the training.

This five-days training had been planned to be participated by 30 mathematics teachers from each junior and senior high school level. Nevertheless, due to some obstacles happened during the programme, not all participants could attend the training. Electricity and internet connection were two things that sometimes resulted in trouble as well, but aside from that the training run well.  This event was officially closed on Friday, 27 May 2016.

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