Scientific Calculator for Better Learning

Yogyakarta – Today, July 27, SEAQiM is holding Workshop on Disseminating Scientific Calculator Research Result at the Centre’s Conference Room. The programme has been initiated by a data collecting process which was previously conducted on July – September 2019 in 9 primary schools in Yogyakarta. 

The workshop aims to discuss the findings of the scientific calculator research and to seek further suggestion. The event is being participated by 9 teachers from each of the target school namely SD Negeri Kuwang, SD Negeri Gendengan, SD Negeri Depok 1, SD Negeri Rejodani Prambanan, SD Negeri Sorogenen 1 Kalasan, SD Negeri 1 Nyamplung, SD Negeri Kedungpring SD Negeri Nogotirto, and SD Negeri 5 Sleman. 

At the opening of the workshop, Dr. Sumardyono, the Director of SEAQiM, remarked that education activities must go on despite the fact that Indonesia and other countries have been hit by pandemic. From this research and development, it is expected that teachers understand that utilizing calculator is important for students to enhance their critical thinking through the exploration of its function. 

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