Integrating ICT in Mathematics Education for Junior High School Teachers: A Collaborative Initiative in Gorontalo

Gorontalo, June 10, 2024—The Aula Balai Guru Penggerak (BGP) Gorontalo witnessed a significant event titled “In-Country Course on Integrating ICT in Mathematics Education for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers,” organised by SEAQiM in collaboration with MGMP Matematika Kabupaten Gorontalo. Thirty-five junior high school mathematics teachers from various schools in Gorontalo Regency attended this offline event.


Drs. Titianto Pauweni, M.Pd, the Head of the Education Office, opened the In-Country Course by expressing his profound appreciation for the initiative taken by MGMP Matematika Gorontalo in proposing this training to SEAQiM. He also extended special thanks to the Teacher Movement Center (Balai Guru Penggerak) of Gorontalo Province for their support in providing adequate facilities that were instrumental in the successful commencement of this event. In his remarks, he hoped this collaborative effort would benefit the junior high school mathematics teachers in Gorontalo Regency. He wished such training programs could be extended to other educational levels, including elementary and senior high schools. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of conducting similar training sessions for different subjects to broaden the scope of professional development for educators in the region.


The training program’s design was to enhance educators’ pedagogical skills in the digital age. It aimed to equip junior high school mathematics teachers with the knowledge and tools to effectively integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into their teaching practices. Dr. Sumardyono began the program by discussing current issues and trends in mathematics education. His session provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the subject, highlighting the importance of adapting to new educational paradigms and integrating technology. Followed by Ms Miftahul Hidayah explained the concepts and principles of integrating ICT into mathematics education. Her session offered a comprehensive theoretical framework that laid the groundwork for practical applications. Ms. Hidayah emphasised how digital tools can enhance the learning experience and improve student engagement.


Mr Bungkus Dias Prasetyo guided participants through creating manipulative-interactive media using GeoGebra, a dynamic software tool that bridges geometric intuition with algebraic reasoning. This hands-on session allowed teachers to explore the software’s capabilities and create interactive learning materials that can be used in their classrooms. Returning for another session, Ms Miftahul Hidayah focused on building digital activities with Desmos, a platform known for its interactive and engaging mathematical visualisations. This session empowered teachers to design and implement engaging lessons that captivate students’ interest and enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts. Finally, Mr. Gusnandar Yoga Utama introduced computational thinking and robot programming, providing educators with the skills to foster logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities in their students. This session highlighted the importance of coding and robotics in developing critical thinking skills and preparing students for future technological advancements.


The course provided essential tools and effectively inspired teachers to integrate ICT into their mathematics curriculum. The practical sessions equipped educators to create engaging, interactive, and effective student learning experiences. The training concluded with the importance of collaboration and continuous professional development. Participants expressed satisfaction and gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow during this event. They highlighted the practical benefits and the new insights gained from the sessions. This training will catalyse positive changes in mathematics teaching in Gorontalo, leading to improved educational outcomes and a more dynamic learning environment for students.


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