Festivities Celebrating 11 Years of SEAQiM

Yogyakarta – 13 July 2020, SEAQiM has now started entering its second decade. To celebrate this milestone, the Centre invited Southeast Asian teachers to join in a series of festivities which included mathematics contest “Inspiring Learning during Pandemic”, two-day workshop themed “Pendidikan Matematika di Masa Pandemi”, and ceremonial of potong tumpeng (the cut of Javanese rice cone dish).

There was a fantastic number of entries for mathematics contest “Inspiring Learning during Pandemic”. More than 400 teachers across the region competed in five categories consisting of photography, digital learning media, video, poster, and article. The three best creative and innovative products’ creators were awarded a total of USD 1260 and certificate of appreciations. 

The workshop “Pendidikan Matematika di Masa Pandemi” held on 13-14 July 2020 was participated by 95 selected teachers, 15 participants joined the workshop face to face at SEAQiM’s Conference Room and the remaining 80 participants took part in the event virtually. In the workshop, Mr. Wahid Yunianto of SEAQiM delivered MS. Excel and GeoGebra Classroom for Mathematics Learning, followed by Dr. Sumardyono, the Director of SEAQiM, with Joyful and Meaningful Mathematics Education During Pandemic. 

The celebration was closed by the ceremonial of potong tumpeng to symbolize the beginning of SEAQiM’s journey in the years’ ahead. Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Sumardyono said, “Let me take this great opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for all what teachers in Southeast Asia and other parties have done to enliven the Centre’s eleventh anniversary and to always support SEAQiM to bloom”.

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