30 Teachers Learnt Joyful Learning with STEM Education Approach

Yogyakarta – Mathematics teachers from Teacher Working Group of Ciamis District participated in a one day workshop on joyful learning with STEM education approach. The event was conducted on Monday, February 4, at the Conference Room, SEAQiM.

During the opening ceremony, the Head of Ciamis Teacher Working Group, Mr. Tantan Sutandi Nugraha, thanked the Centre for welcoming and facilitating his colleagues to learn mathematics joyful learning in SEAQiM. Mr. Tantan, who was also one of SEAQiM’s regular course alumni, encouraged the participants to build their capacity by participating in the Centre’s upcoming programmes. Workshop on Joyful Learning with STEM Education Approach was then officially opened by Dr. Wahyudi, SEAQiM’s Director.

All participants showed their big enthusiasm within the sessions. Working in group, they engaged in some STEM activities facilitated by the facilitators. The first activity was paper rocket project. Facilitated by one of SEAQiM’s specialists, Ms. Pastitta Ayu Lakmiwati, the participants were challenged to design a rocket from paper and measure the sliding distance by clinometer. Lastly, Mr. Wahid Yunianto, delivered the use of ICT in STEM education. He presented the ideas about how to better use ICT in mathematics classroom to increase the effectiveness of teaching and improve students’ learning.

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