Exploring Shibori in “Kampung STEM” Joho

Yogyakarta – The women community of Kampung STEM Joho participated in a workshop on exploring Shibori techniques. The activity was supported by SEAQiM in collaboration with the Centre for Development and Empowerment of Mathematics Teachers and Education Personnel (CDEMTEP) on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 at Kampung Joho, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The project is funded by the Australian Government through the Alumni Grant Scheme and administrated by Australia Awards in Indonesia.

The process of coloring the fabrics

Shibori is one of Japanese manual resist dyeing techniques which produces patterns on fabric. In Javanese, it is called “jumputan”. To optimize the learning process of making the Shibori, SEAQiM invited Ms. Bernadetta Pudyas, practitioner and entrepreneur in Diaz Rajut Shibori & Ecoprint Collection, to facilitate the participants. She introduced the participants to many kinds of techniques from binding, stitching, folding, and twisting until compressing for Shibori. Interestingly, each technique results in very different patterns. 


The participants and their products

After completing the workshop, the women community of Kampung STEM Joho is expected to have self-development skills in creating Shibori while implementing STEM knowledge in their daily activities. Moreover, they could start making their homemade Shibori to develop their start-up business.

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