Innovation in Education Webinar

In support of the celebration of the 55th SEAMEO Anniversary with the theme “Stronger Together for Quality, Accessible, and Responsive Education” and the promotion and dissemination of the Center’s knowledge products, SEAMEO INNOTECH will hold a half-day webinar aimed to officially launch the Southeast Asian Education Innovations Award and the dissemination of selected knowledge products from the research and training offices of the Center.

The webinar is seen as a means to acquaint the audience, particularly the SEAMEO Community on the Center’s research and training programs that are aligned with the SEAMEO Seven Priority Areas, specifically on Adopting a 21st Century Curriculum, Promotion of Harmonization in Higher Education and Research and Revitalizing Teacher Education. The event would take advantage of the increased online presence of various education stakeholders in social media platforms due to recent lockdowns and shift to remote learning. This can be further attained through the envisaged webinar via Zoom/MS Teams and streaming via Facebook Live. The launch of the Southeast Asian Education Innovations Award will cap off the virtual half-day webinar. The mechanics and other details of the award will be shown and explained during the event.

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