SIMILIKITY (similarity karton in property)

Alumnus                : Lukman Wiguna (Mr.)

Course Attended : Teacher-made Teaching Aids (TMTA) for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers 2017

Mr. Lukman Wiguna was one of the participants of Course on Teacher-made Teaching Aids (TMTA) for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers which was hosted by SEAQiM from 26 April to 9 May 2017.

After accomplishing the course, many ideas to make low-cost teaching aids that meet the need of his students arose in Mr. Wiguna’s mind. He then developed a new mathematics teaching aid called similarity carton in property (SIMILIKITY) for two triangular numbers. The idea to create this teaching aid firstly emerged during his group discussion while participating in the TMTA course. The implementation of SIMILIKITY at his school have gained very satisfying results.

Not only implemented at his school, the SIMILIKITY was finally selected to be presented in Workshop on Teaching Innovation (Inovasi Pembelajaran, often shortened to INOBEL) conducted by the MoEC from 10 to 13 July 2017 at Allium Batam Hotel.

“Course on TMTA is not only about creating teaching aids but also enlightening my views on mathematics teaching,” he stated. According to his opinion, SEAQiM is the place where teachers could enhance their knowledge and improve their mathematics skills.

Click here to know more about his classroom implementation.

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