Classroom Implementation of Pasar Cilik (Market Day)

Alumnus               : Dwi Paryanti (Ms.)

Course Attended : Teacher-made Teaching Aids (TMTA) for Primary School Teachers 2016

After attending SEAQiM’s course, Ms. Dwi Paryanti did a classroom implementation of TMTA at SD Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

She said, “I am very glad and proud to be the alumnus of SEAQiM. I’ve got not only a lot of new experiences but also new colleagues. My favourite parts of the course are peer teaching and real teaching because we could share, evaluate, and give some solutions to each other”. The course on TMTA helps Ms. Dwi to create meaningful and joyful learning environment in class, thus she highly recommends other math teachers apply for any courses held by SEAQiM. “Joining the course is like bringing pearl, gold, and even diamond back to our students. Pearl, gold, and diamond are the knowledge, experiences, and networking”, she added.

Click here to know more about her classroom implementation.

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