The Application of Differentiated Instruction Approach on Reflecting Transformation Material to Student Diversity

Alumni: Deni Megawati (Ms) Course attended: Differentiated Instruction in Mathematics Teaching and Learning for Senior High School Mathematics Teacher 2016 After attending the course in SEAQiM Deni Megawati (Ms) has done the dissemination of Differentiated Instruction (DI) for three times; at her class, MGMP Mathematics teacher in Surabaya, and SeNdiMat 2016 in PPPPTK Matematika. “Even […]

Digging the Potentials of Our Educators in Morowali

Morowali – Considering the success in the Teacher Training event conducted by Forum Masyarakat Sinabung (FORMASI) in 2016, this year, FORMASI intended to repeat its success in a different area of Indonesia. Collaborated with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC and three QITEPs, and with the support from Morowali local government, FORMASI invited Mathematics, English and Science teachers in […]


Yogyakarta- PISA or Programme for International Students Assessments are commonly the hot issue in Indonesia. PISA is not assessing the curriculum but assessing what students have learned in the class and its impact in the real life. It is the triennial assessments organized by OEDC (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). There are two benefits […]