Yogyakarta – Playing games is a fun activity that is not only interest young people but adult as well. So, why not incorporate game in teaching math in school, sure it will be fun way to learn the subject. As a center which addresses challanges in teaching mathematics, SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics […]

Technology Brings Joy in Learning Mathematics

Yogyakarta – Technology plays an important role in our lives today and most of us simply can not live without it. Technology helps us to simplify work and is a great tool to help us relax and have fun. Millenial students for example, use technology to do their homework, keep in touch with friends through […]

APEC-Tsukuba International Conference XI: A Pathway to SDGs in Education

This year, SEAQiM is honoured to get another opportunity as invited speakers at APEC-Tsukuba and UNESCO (MGIEP) International Conference XI in University of Tsukuba, Japan. Dr.Wahyudi and Mr. Fadjar Shadiq who represented SEAQiM had the privilege to presented “Expected Works of SEAMEO Centres for SEAMEO Priority Areas” in this annual event. This four-day conference, from […]

The Oath of Civil Servant

Jakarta – The happy faces were shown at one of the rooms in Educational and Culture Ministry Building on Tuesday February 7th, 2017, they are the Civil Servants (PNS) from Educational and Culture Ministry who would be sworn in for their position. The oath of civil servants were attended by General Secretary, the heads of […]