Southeast Asian Educational Innovation Awards (2021-2022)

The Southeast Asian Educational Innovation Award seeks to recognize achievements of teachers, achool heads, community education workers and other development workers that made a difference in the lives of the learners and communities through the creative application of an idea into practical solution to address an education concern.

These may involve the novel and creative use of educational tools, concepts, processes or their combinations to produce new and better results. The innovative practices, developed and applied by teachers, principals (or headmasters) and other education workers in their classes and learning sessions or through activities and initiatives in the schools that brought on positive impact on learners and the communities are highlighted and shared among other education workers.

The award aims to

1. Honor and give recognition to teachers and school heads in Southeast Asia who made exemplary achievements in introducing and applying innovative practices;

2. Seek out and document innovative practices and the context in which these innovations led to achievement of learning goals and in overcoming limited resources and constraints;

3. Highlight examples of effective innovative teaching and learning practices as examples for other education workers; and

4. Encourage interaction and cooperation among education workers across the region through the dissemination of the award-winning innovations.


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