Semarang Customized Course Batch 1: Meaningful Math with Joyful learning

Semarang – The lack of primary school teachers’ knowledge about meaningful mathematics teaching has motivated the Education Office of Kota Semarang to again collaborate with SEAQiM to hold a training course on joyful learning in mathematics education. This year’s collaboration programme was conducted from 10 to 13 February 2020 at Plaza Hotel Semarang.

“We found that teachers, who were participated in SEAQiM’s course before, were so enthusiastic. Therefore, this year we conduct similar programmes in cooperation with SEAQiM to cater the needs of our teachers, “said Mr. Saptogiri, the Head of Education Office Kota Semarang.

This first 2020 customized course was participated by 200 primary school teachers. A total of 1,000 primary school teachers and junior high school mathematics teachers, doubled from the previous year, throughout Kota Semarang will be trained by SEAQiM this year.

Ms. Ummy Salmah, the course facilitator from SEAQiM, stated that a challenge faced by teachers in class is finding the most appropriate activities that make students understand mathematical concepts simply. She suggested, in the early development, children should be introduced to mathematics through media instead of symbols.

The four-day course run very well, as one of the participants, Mr. Galih from Nusaputera Elementary School, was impressed with how the facilitators provide the participants with not only indoor but also outdoor activities which can be further emulated in their class.

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