SEAQiM Showed How STEM Works for All Subjects in Sorong

Sorong – STEM is an approach used in overcoming real-world problems by demanding students thinking more logically, independently, and being the problem solvers.

As a Centre which one of its focuses is on STEM for mathematics learning, SEAQiM has been pleased to be invited to “In-house Training Peningkatan Kompetensi Bagi Tenaga Pendidik Melalui Pembelajaran Berbasis STEM Education” conducted at Sorong on 7 – 8 February 2020. Representing SEAQiM, Mr. Bungkus Dias Prasetyo shared knowledge on STEM teaching with the teachers of Sekolah Usaha Perikanan Menengah (SUPM) Negeri Sorong.

In the two-day training, Mr. Bungkus presented STEM skills in the 21st Century, STEM lesson plan, and STEM-based learning to all participants. Furthermore, he guided them to solve the problem given by grouping the participants into eight. A total of thirty-three teachers from various subjects in the school enthusiastically engaged in the whole sessions.

“This is a valuable chance for us to learn STEM with the expert from SEAQiM”, said Ms. Ketut Tika one of the training participants.

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