SEAQiM Had a Visit from PKLN

Today, 25 April 2018, SEAQiM had a short visit from Dr. Suharti, the Head of Bureau for Planning and International Cooperation, MoEC. SEAQiM’s management was very pleased knowing that she could spend some times visiting the Centre within her tight busy schedule at Yogyakarta.

Though the occasion was not officially scheduled, but the discussion meant a lot for the betterment of the Centre programme. SEAQiM’s Deputy Director for Programme, Dr. Ganung Anggraeni, talked about some activities the Centre has been running. She also invited Dr. Suharti to watch the Centre’s profile and MaRWA videos. Mr. Susetyo Widiasmoro, the Centre’s Deputy Director for Administration, then updated Dr. Suharti on SEAQiM’s current personnel.

During her visit, Dr. Suharti highlighted the role of SEAQiM to support mathematics teachers in Southeast Asia which is very essential.

“I know that your Centre has made many great efforts to improve the quality of mathematics education, more specifically in Indonesia. However, this must be accompanied by establishing more collaboration with other institutions under MoEC, such as Pustekom (Centre of Technology and Communication)”, she suggested.

At the end of her visit, Dr. Suharti took time to greet SEAQiM’s staff as well as look around its infrastructure.

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