SEAQiM Conducted Its 2019’s First Workshop for Pre-service Teachers

Yogyakarta – Thursday, January 22, SEAQiM successfully conducted its 2019 first workshop on joyful learning in mathematics education. The events was conducted at the Centre’s Conference Room and participated by 32 pre-service teachers. They were students from Department of Mathematics Education, Sultan Agung Islamic University.

The workshop was officially opened by Dr. Wahyudi, the Director of SEAQiM. During the sessions, the participants learnt how to teach mathematics joyfully and meaningfully. Mr. Wahid Yunianto and Ms. I Gusti Ayu Russasmita Sripadmi, two of SEAQiM’s specialists, delivered interesting topics on centre of mass and STEM in mathematics teaching and learning.

The workshop lasted for only half day. However, the participants stated that they were very excited with the whole activities and gained new knowledge of mathematics teaching and learning.

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