Phase 2 of Workshop on Developing SEAQiM Teachers’ Proficiency Instrument for SEA Mathematics Teachers

Yogyakarta – Today, 9 December 2022, SEAQiM conducted the Workshop on Developing SEAQiM Teachers’ Proficiency Instrument for SEA Mathematics Teachers (Phase 2). A total of 17 (seventeen) participants, consisting of BBGP DIY, Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Islamic State University-Sunan Kalijaga (UIN Sunan Kalijaga), Tidar University (UNTIDAR), Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD), and academic teams from SEAQiM discussed live in Conference Room, SEAQiM. The event was conducted in 2 (two) days, 8-9 December 2022, in blended mode. The first day is conducted virtually via Zoom, and the second is conducted in SEAQiM.

Yesterday, Zoom meetings were scheduled for the Discussion of Instrument Review Results. The participants were divided into 3 (three) groups, which included TPCK instruments: TCK, TPK, and PCK Team. Each team discussed in one breakout room, thus reaching a review deal. Meanwhile, today is scheduled for a live meeting Overview of Developing Item Questions and Per-Competence Discussion. Gusnandar Yoga Utama, an academic team from SEAQiM, led the session by inviting participants to engage in discussions with the entire team. Dr Sumardyono and Dr Farida Nurhasanah, Board of Directors of SEAQiM, also actively contribute to this 2nd phase workshop session. Furthermore, we have 3rd phase of the workshop series that will be held at the end of December. The last phase workshop purpose is to finalize the ready-to-upload SEAQiM Teachers’ Proficiency Instrument to Moodle.

The session ended with Independent Finalization per Competence. The whole session creates a unified series of meaningful activities in producing the final output SEAQiM Teachers’ Proficiency Instrument for SEA Mathematics Teachers. Again, SEAQiM believes these activities can significantly impact the quality improvement of mathematics education in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia.


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