Teaching and Learning with Desmos by Mrs. Yulia binti Hj Yusof

Mrs. Yulia binti Hj Yusof’s workshop, held on May 9, 2023, following her participation in the Regular Course Integrating ICT in Mathematics Education, was a noteworthy event that underscored the transformative potential of technology in the classroom. The workshop, apply titled “Teaching and Learning with Desmos,” brought together a group of 10 dedicated educators from the Teacher Working Group in Brunei Darussalam.

The workshop’s primary objective was to explore the integration of Desmos, an interactive graphing calculator, into mathematics education. The participants displayed a palpable enthusiasm for the topic, reflecting their shared commitment to enhancing the teaching and learning experience through innovative technology.

The workshop’s design was characterized by its hands-on and interactive approach. Attendees actively engaged with Desmos, immersing themselves in practical exercises that showcased the platform’s capabilities. The direct application of Desmos in classroom scenarios allowed educators to better understand its potential impact on student engagement and comprehension.

A notable highlight of the workshop was the presentation segment. Each participant was tasked with creating and presenting Desmos-based activities. This not only provided a platform for educators to showcase their creativity but also fostered a collaborative environment where ideas were exchanged and refined.

The backdrop of the dissemination was the pursuit of improved lesson quality, student motivation, and academic achievement. In an era where technology holds a prominent place in education, the workshop underlined the potential of tools like Desmos to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and the expectations of the modern digital generation.

Mrs. Yulia binti Hj Yusof’s workshop not only presented Desmos as a valuable educational tool but also laid the groundwork for educators to maximize its potential. By enabling educators to actively integrate Desmos into their teaching, the workshop translated theoretical knowledge into practical implementation, aligning with the modern demands of an interactive and technology-driven learning environment.

In summary, Mrs. Yulia binti Hj Yusof’s dissemination workshop effectively showcased the transformative power of Desmos in mathematics education. The workshop’s dynamic nature, coupled with its focus on practical application, ensured that educators left with a deeper understanding of how technology can enhance teaching methods and student engagement. By taking strides toward integrating technology into the classroom, Mrs. Yulia binti Hj Yusof’s efforts are commendable for paving the way to a more interactive and impactful mathematics education in Brunei Darussalam.

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