Participants of Course on SEA-RME 2018

SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics is pleased to announce the name of participants who have passed the selection process to participate in the Course on Southeast Asia Realistic Mathematics Education for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers that will be held on 28 March- 10 April 2018 at SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics, Yogyakarta-Indonesia.

List of of Participants







Mr. Chun Sok Chea Preah Sisowath High School Cambodia


Mr. Yiaxiong Xaikhueyiatua Thongname Secondary School, Borikhamaxay province Lao PDR


Ms. Rozana@ Umi Kalthum Sahul Hamid Teacher Education Institute Durian Daun Campus Malaysia


Mr. Adi Tri Sutrisno Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu Malaysia


Mr. Daw Than Than Maw Junior Teacher no.9 Basic Education High School Mawlamyine Myanmar


Ms. Praewpan Timai Mattayomwatsuttaram School Thailand


Mr. Lino Fernandes Basic school Esperansa da Patria, dili Timor Leste
8. Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Le quy don secondary school  – Vietnam
9. Mr. Agus Setio SMP Immanuel Batu Jawa Timur Indonesia
10. Mr. Dewi Imaniar SMPN 3 Sampit Kalimantan Tengah Indonesia
11. Ms. Endah Pramurti Setianingrum SMPN 6 Jepara Jawa Tengah Indonesia
12. Ms. Erfa Uliya SMPN 3 Cibarusah Jawa Barat Indonesia
13. Ms. Kanti Warih Ade Indriani SMPN 1 Maluk NTB Indonesia
14. Ms. Menik Rusdianti SMPN 5 Sape NTB Indonesia
15. Mr. Miswar SMPN 2 Bireuen Aceh Indonesia
16. Mr. Moh Abdul Ghofur SMP Irsyaadul Ibaad Lampung Indonesia
17. Ms. Nuni Fitriarosah SMPN 1 Cipatat Jawa Barat Indonesia
18. Ms. Ratih Indriati SMPN Satap 5 Lamandau Kalimantan Tengah Indonesia
19. Ms. Rina Asmiati SMPN 1 Muara Tiga Aceh Indonesia
20. Ms. Rini Handayani Majapahit Nusantara Banten Indonesia
21. Ms. Siti Hafitria SMPN 15 Bandung Jawa Barat Indonesia
22. Ms. Sorta Corie Ivana Panjaitan SMPN 2 Siantar Sumatera Utara Indonesia
23. Mr. Supino SMPN 4 Bungaraya Riau Indonesia
24. Mr. Suwarno MTs Ma’arif Nu 01 Kertanegara, Purbalingga Jawa Tengah Indonesia
25. Mr. Yusdi Afandi SMPN 3 Purwodadi Kab. Pasuruan Jawa Timur Indonesia
26. Mr. Zaenal Arifin SMPN 1 Bangorejo Jawa Timur Indonesia
27. Mr. Zainul Imron SMP Bustanul Makmur Jawa Timur Indonesia
28. TBA
29. TBA
30. TBA

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